The training loads path takes the form of waves through the dynamism of all the stages of training the player karate specialty «actual combat" kumite ",  " kata  "», , and trainer specializing in the planning and training of the player to participate and compete within the framework of the actual  contest "  kumite ",  " kata "must be taken into account when rationing training loads directed specifically from the actual  to the type of"   kumite "or"   " kata" such as «basi - Dai. Kata» for example, or «Hiente . Kata »there are multiple and varied effects levels of training intensity within multiple training waves in terms of the training components within the training per program, small ValuJet represent dynamic training load 

يوجد نص كامل للمقال العلمي يمكن تحميله و تنزيله من ايقونة المقالات العلمية اعلي الصفحة الاساسية للموقع .